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Sales and marketing success is a team sport! It is a process, never an event, especially if you want to grow your business without losing your mind.

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100% focused on your goals.

Our proven process is called The CME Sales & Marketing Success Builder. Whether we share our proprietary marketing planning system with you and your team one-on-one or we roll it out to your entire company, our focus is always on your goals and helping you get results.

We coach, advise, and train you to focus on what gets the best conversion marketing results the fastest, with the least stress and cost. The CME Sales & Marketing Success Builder is a 90-day action planning process to help you focus on cutting costs, optimizing your marketing campaigns and targeting much better conversion results.

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    Millenium Logo Glove

    “By updating our website, and fine-tuning our marketing automation system, CME helped us reduce our new lead and customer acquisition costs by over 80%.”

    Cliff is one of the sharpest and most genuine people I've met. He's an enthusiastic participant in his customers' success, and transparently thrives in helping others achieve their goals. I'd love to have him in our office everyday just so our team could feed off his positive energy!

    Vantage IRAs

    “With our new content marketing program, CME helped us dramatically increase our sales. They help us produce tangible results on an ongoing basis.”

    Cliff in one word is outstanding. In the first 90 seconds of our call I knew we had just made the best investment in our business by hiring him. From the detailed dissection of our marketing goals, to identifying the pain and pleasure points of our sales funnel he was on the money each step of the way.

    Our Clients

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