Sales Intelligence and Analytics For Better Marketing

When it comes to getting the sales and business results you want for your company, can you honestly say you have a solid plan in place to grow your business that factors for an integrated approach to sales and marketing?

It doesn’t matter whether your business is sales-driven or marketing-driven. Sales-driven companies attract, train, coach and deploy a direct sales force with the goal of generating new business (think Amway). Marketing-driven businesses may have a sales force or talent on the team to “close business” and provide customer service at some level (like Amazon).

If you’re not strictly marketing driven or sales driven, your company is highly dependent on both sales and marketing to work in tandem. This means the left hand (marketing) must work effectively with the right hand (sales). Otherwise, poor ROI on marketing translating to poor marketing results is a very real risk. Or the sales team produces lousy results by itself blaming the marketing department for not generating enough quality leads. Or both.

At Conversion Marketing Experts, LLC we offer powerful solutions by providing sales and marketing consulting that impacts both the top and bottom line.

We do this by working with you, the CEO, business owner or self-employed professional to develop a single strategic, sales and marketing plan of action to help you create the results you need to grow your business.

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