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Small Business Marketing Consultant Conflicted About Content

Okay, so conflicted may be a bit too strong a word. What I really am asking for is, “help me help you” if you are a small business owner. As a small business marketing consultant, I am on a mission to provide new educational content that fits what you need for your business. Check out […]

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Small Business Funding Education-Get Funding The Right Way

Small Business Funding Education-Get Funding The Right Way Education Series- Small Business Funding Insights When it comes to small business success, it’s not secret that we all need access to working capital, bank lines of credit and perhaps attracting investors to fuel the growth of your small business. Today we are introducing a new education […]

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Small Business Marketing Strategy-3 Tips To Launch A New Marketing Campaign

Small Business Marketing Strategy-3 Tips to Launch A New Campaign When it comes to your success in small business marketing strategy, it’s important that you follow three simple steps when launching any new marketing or sales campaign. 1. Goal: Set a very specific goal for results and have the tools in place to measure your […]

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Infusionsoft Consultant Launches The Ultimate Small Business Profit Equation Academy

Infusionsoft Consultant Shares Critical Equation for Small Business Success What the heck is The Ultimate Small Business Profit Equation and how can it help you impact better business, marketing and sales results? Check out the introduction I just shot.   It’s nothing Academy Award-winning. But I¬†wanted to give everyone a sneek peak at what I […]

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Infusionsoft Consultant Creates Killer Strategy Maps to Simplify Your Life

I read the other day something to the effect that simplicity is the ultimate purity. My goal is to show you how you can simplify your life. Just remember, simple is NOT easy. Let me get this right out and be totally up front with you. I am an Infusionsoft Consultant. I sell, coach, teach, consult […]

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