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This Is What I Just Sent One of My Best Clients About Their Content Marketing

Okay, here’s where we are in this story … I am a marketing coach, adviser, trainer. I also create and write marketing campaigns. And I own the business. I am sharing my marketing leadership insights with you in this article because this is a new client of mine. We just wrapped up our third, weekly […]

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Here’s How I Create, Write and Integrate A Content Marketing Project

Want to know how to crush it with your next content marketing project? That’s what my video is all about today – how to create content you love to create, write it and integrate it. Why does being able to create highly-purposeful and engaging count for your business? Because you will attract, engage and convert […]

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The Power of LinkedIn for Thought Leadership & Content Marketing

Based on my recent experience plowing articles into the LinkedIn platform, these guys have raised the bar for people who find value in publishing thought leadership for content marketing. There is great power in using LinkedIn to publish your thought leadership. What is thought leadership and how does it relate to content marketing? It’s taking your […]

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