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Facing Your Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation

How does fear hold you back when it comes to being more successful with digital, content and marketing automation? I recently wrote an article for The Business Journals with the title, How to Face Your Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation. It got pretty huge traction and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because […]

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SharpSpring – How To Track Marketing Campaign ROI

So, you want to track marketing campaign ROI? Great. After all, marketing is an investment, just like your business, so let’s focus on how to lock in the ROI. What would it mean to you, your team and your life to be able to easily track your marketing campaign ROI? It shouldn’t be that hard […]

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How To Win The War for Talent In Marketing Automation

I don’t like war. But it seems there’s a war against everything these days and this is a suitable metaphor for what’s happening in the business of marketing automation, including all the content and related Web elements. The truth is small business owners are getting killed every day by marketing automation software. Not literally. And […]

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