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What Kinds of Internet Jobs Could Coal Miners In West Virginia Create?

Internet jobs

If you want to know what happens to a small town when most of the jobs disappear, look at West Virginia. The coal miners who’s families worked for generations digging and mining the coal to build America have been devastated. This article was published in the Wall Street Journal well before the elections. Now, the […]

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“Should I Use SharpSpring, Hubspot, Infusionsoft or …?” 10 Questions to Answer Before Deciding on Marketing Automation Software

At Conversion Marketing Experts, we’re all about helping you make informed decisions when it comes to investing in and optimizing any digital, content and marketing automation software¬†like SharpSpring, Hubspot or Infusionsoft. This article assumes, (all assumptions can be a slippery slope), that you are familiar with these brands of content and marketing automation software. (If […]

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SharpSpring Consultant Shares 1 of 9 Reasons He Uses SharpSpring for Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation success, SharpSpring is among the best of the best. I am a SharpSpring consultant. My small team and I are value added marketing and technology consultants who love SharpSpring. We sell and support virtually any marketing automation system that makes sense for our clients. But my video and post […]

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SharpSpring Partner Shares Tips for Getting Better Email Marketing Results

Want better email marketing results? Check out my short video about what it takes to make email marketing work better for you. In case you’re too jammed to watch my video today, here’s the deal with making email marketing, all marketing and sales, work better … It’s all about the length of time (duration) of […]

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Meet Prospectify – Prospecting Made Simple, Automated Lead Gen

Every day I get to test drive new software solutions. It’s an exciting part of my business especially when I find something that I really like because it makes a difference in my business or my life. This post and the video with it is to introduce you to a phenomenal new tool for prospecting […]

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