CEO’s, Business Owners: Ask These Seven, Dynamite Questions To Get High-ROI Sales and Marketing Results

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What does it take to get better sales and marketing results if you’re the CEO or business owner with your budget and money on the line?

Knowledge. That’s what it takes to become a master of anything.

What have you mastered? Probably the one thing you do best. What is it?

If your #1 thing is not being a sales and marketing leader and manager, two different roles and almost impossible skill sets to find in one person, then who is driving this bus for you?

Do they know what they need to know to get the job done for you? You’ll only know if they are asking intelligent questions of you, the stuff they need to know as a sales and marketing expert, to get you the results you count on.

We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Look, nobody knows what they don’t know. But we all possess varying degrees of willingness to learn as we go. This goes hand-in-hand with taking risk. Take more risk, experience more stuff, learn, adapt and get better. Simple, never easy, because change and risk is scary stuff. Too scary for most people.

But not you. You’re reading this so chances are you face your fears well. But how much is it costing you to not know the questions to ask of yourself and your best sales and marketing people?

It’s pretty easy to find out once you know the questions, ask them of the right people, listen carefully and process what you hear and learn into an actionable plan. Yes, action. You must take forward action as you set goals, plan and execute. It’s part of the game we play to build companies and marketing campaigns to fill the sales funnels.

Now I’m going to give you Seven, dynamite and very powerful questions to begin asking of your best people. Don’t put them on the spot. Download and print this list of dynamite questions for getting better sales and marketing results. Share it with your team in the context of, “Everyone, I need your help talking through this list of questions. Take a look at this and write down your thoughts. In a week we’ll have a meeting to go through this as a team. I’ll be ‘all ears.'”

And please be all ears when you meet with your team to go through this list of questions. If you have the right people on the right seats of your sales and marketing bus, they will appreciate that you are willing to ask and include them in learning, planning and growing.

This is a very short list of the questions we ask when we teach our sales and digital marketing workshops and run our coaching and management programs with clients. There is a list of almost 100 questions we ask our clients to help them get crystal-clear on their strategy, plan of action and how to keep score as new marketing campaigns are launched.

A Game of Risk: Getting Marketing Results

Sales, marketing and business is a game of risk. Get marketing results doesn’t have to be so risky though when you know the questions to ask. Manage the risk well and you increase the odds for success.  After asking intelligent questions based on decades of experience, the best way I know to manage risk is to surround myself with the most talented, loyal, fun people my money can buy, make sure they know what I don’t know, and compel all of us to keep asking, learning and growing together.

Building any company or organization is a team sport. The more willing your team is to ask the important, essential questions, and you are to listen and respond accordingly, the more you’ll achieve your goals and be able to celebrate the success for your hard work and investment.

What questions are you asking right now and how may we be of service to you and your people?

We always appreciate your questions, comments and inquiries here on the Conversion Marketing Experts blog.

To your success!

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