CEO’s – Your Marketing People Need Your Love. Don’t Yell At Us!

When the CEO finally showed up four weeks late for the the weekly marketing performance review she asked her team with a hint of a shout or yell, “I want to know why we’re at the 60-day mark and all of this stuff isn’t done. How come my people can’t do this faster? Where’s the ROI? Where’s the next campaign I never told anyone I wanted, yet? Where’s the performance?”

This happens all the time. Every business owner or leader wants to know where the marketing ROI is these days. Why? Because learning and competing successfully with digital, content marketing, email marketing, automation and more, is expensive, stressful and people are losing their minds. It’s maddening, costly and when marketing doesn’t work, emotions run high. People yell at us, the marketing team!

This may sound nuts but your best marketing people need love and recognition for doing great work, not beat down sessions where you tell them how badly they suck because they’re slow. The truth is when you CHANGE YOUR VISION and MIND fifty times we have to adapt. Stick with your strategy, give us the power to create a killer plan of action, fund it, trust us and get out of the way! Please.

Plus, if you have the discipline and wisdom to hire, love and pay great talent you can have a super-lean, high-performance marketing team as long as you use a system and follow a leader with a proven record.

If you own a business or run one and your butt is strapped to the bottom line, you know the pain of making marketing work. The truth is we all find marketing to be essential in one way or another. Because to us, the Conversion Marketing Experts team, our amazing partners and clients, marketing is about getting SALES results. Branding is a bonus.

We do this by using a system that has helped over 300 companies get high-performance sales and marketing results by cutting wasted marketing costs and driving new traffic, better engagement, increased conversions and sales results.

We get paid to perform like any other, top-performing professional. This is because we seek to align as trusted marketing partners with our clients. We seek a long-term business relationship and we always want to share in the success in an equitable way.

Do  you want to know ONE MAJOR THING you can do as the CEO or owner of a company to get better sales and marketing ROI? The video rant describes it but, here it is in case you’re in a hurry …

Be the leader your team needs you to be. This does not include what you do best; strategy, vision and culture if you are building a real company.

This video rant is what it’s all about … CEOs and business owners unknowingly get in the way of their marketing team.

Do you surround yourself with a bunch of “Yes” people to do your marketing work? Or do you have a strong marketing leader who has gone before where you want to go now? If not, why not?

It’s costing you more NOT to have the right marketing leadership in place than perhaps doing it yourself or letting your amazing, third wife manage marketing. (True story from a banker buddy of mine. He swears the entire marketing department of his bank is a disaster and anyone who brings it up gets their ass handed to them by the wife of the CEO. Sh#! happens.

Want better sales, marketing and business results? Find a system for aligning your sales, marketing, team and technologies into a single plan of action that everyone can easily follow. That’s how you get better sales and marketing results; implement the discipline of using a system.

That’s what we do at Conversion Marketing Experts … we train and coach high-performance marketing teams to help them get sales results and ROI for marketing campaigns.

Thanks for visiting our blog and watching our videos. Please let us know if you ever need a second opinion or expert help with your marketing planning and execution. We love to train onsite and we do our best coaching over 30/60/90 intervals.

Learn more about our high-performance sales and marketing action planning system at or call us in Scottsdale, Arizona at (480) 451-6963.

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P.S. By the way, who’s your Chief Marketing Technologist? Don’t have one? Shucks. Check out what this powerful Harvard Business Review article reveals.

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