CEO’s, Business Owners: Here’s One Way to Get Championship Sales and Marketing Results

If you’re a CEO or business owner you know pressure. Chances are you’ve got everything you can invested in your business or career path. But what does it take to break through to any major league championship level?

Here’s an article I wrote that just hit The Business Journals. It’s about the power of coaching, and learning how to be more mindful.

Want to know how the Seattle Seahawks win? I go into a little detail about famous teams and performers who practice mindfulness. It’s a big deal now because stress levels are so high for most of us. And being more mindful helps with more than dealing with stress. It builds clarity and confidence.

The essence of staying in the game, and being able to endure the punishment of any business or sport, is mindset. One way I develop my mindset is by practicing mindfulness. Otherwise, doing what I do as a marketing and sales coach, I might lose my mind! I also eat, sleep and do most other things in life in a balanced way. Overall, life is good, but it wasn’t always this way!

It takes a certain amount of “craziness” to be in business for yourself, and to want to win a major championship like starting, funding and selling a business. Think about the odds for failure and the many “injuries” like bankruptcy, lawsuits, failed business partnerships and more.

Is it worth it?

That’s up to you.

What’s your biggest challenge these days owning your business, building your career path, and getting what you see, feel and trust for your future?

Let us know if you need help getting better sales and marketing results.

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