Facing Your Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation

How does fear hold you back when it comes to being more successful with digital, content and marketing automation?

I recently wrote an article for The Business Journals with the title, How to Face Your Fear of Digital, Content and Marketing Automation. It got pretty huge traction and I’m not sure why.

Maybe it’s because everyone feels the fear I feel, see, hear and coach my clients through every day.

I see fear every day. I hear it over the phone when I talk with you. I get all the stories you tell me, trust me. I hear you. I know your pain because I have been a digital, content and marketing automation coach, trainer, adviser and teacher now for almost a decade. I resisted the whole internet thing at first, but truth is, when I got on the digital, content and marketing automation bus, I jumped the driver and jacked the bus.

I went into this big because I’ve always been a sales guy and marketer at heart. My dad and mom were both successful entrepreneurs and I got to watch them build the small businesses and life of their dreams. Now I get to live a similar life and help other people face their fear every day.

Why is there so much fear?

  1. People fear losing money on marketing that doesn’t work.
  2. People fear change. It’s called Homeostasis. We’re programmed this way.
  3. People loathe learning new software, work flows. (See #2)
  4. People get comfortable and stay that way to the grave.

So what is the answer? Face your fear in digital, content and marketing automation by building your confidence to make informed decisions. Read more, take courses, hire a coach or get someone to mentor you for free if that works and money is tight. I’ve paid coaches all my life and the good coaches are worth their weight in gold because they help me ramp up and learn what I need to learning by doing. I learn by watching then doing! And I learn fast.

How do you face your fear and build your confidence to attack like a true, warrior?

Commit. Learn and practice the art of facing your fear and building your skill, improving your MINDSET every day. Step up if marketing and sales is important to your cash flow, personal income and family. After all, you either succeed in your business or you go get a day job. Pretty simple.

If you’ve got fear I am here to help you by answering any question you want to know an answer to. If I don’t the answer to your question, I will find someone who does and personally introduce you to them.

That’s how committed I am to facing my fear, immense fear as a younger man held me back, and until I learned to give my fears less or no counsel, fer held me back in a big way.

But, the good news is this puts me in a position to help other people face their fear.

Got fear? Bring it.

I always appreciate your comments and suggestions on my blog.

Here’s the link to my article on The Business Journals site.


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