The Five Biggest Reasons Google Wants You To Create Amazing Content Marketing

Have you given up on creating amazing content marketing that impacts conversion marketing results on your website, blog, email follow up and all the other places you want to give the love to your prospects and customers?

This is a short article about the importance for you, Google and the millions of people who may be searching for what you sell to generate consistently great, content marketing to attract, engage and convert your visitors into qualified prospects and ideal customers who give you tons of referrals.

Why is it so important for you to create the content marketing that Google demands these days for your website and blog?

Because Google owns the search engines. They make the rules. And when it comes to making your website, blog, email follow up, thought leadership articles, slide decks, video scripts, etc., it all boils down to needing one thing; creating and distributing amazing content marketing in the form of longer articles, videos, links and information that is highly relevant and useful to the person Google wants to please  … the one doing the clicking. Your prospect.

How does content marketing done right over time help you? First, if you build a modern-day website there are guidelines any search engine or qualified digital or content marketing expert will help you understand. There’s no way the average person wants or needs to know all the details that go into proper on page or off page search engine optimization. You have to build a quality, responsive website.

Second, people seeking what you sell want to be fully informed BEFORE they contact you. If a person wanting to know more about you, your brand, products or services, they will first go to your website and seek product reviews. Only when your long form and other content marketing engages them emotionally will a person feel comfortable taking the next step in your process to winning them as a customer.

When Is Time To Get Help?

If you don’t know what you don’t know about getting your content marketing to please Google and the other search engines scrapping for market share, get help! Fast. And don’t be a dummy and hire the first person you find with a bunch of lame Twitter followers. Don’t be cheap. Do you really want the low cost provider of anything helping you in your life? Dig deep when you hire a qualified marketing expert, coach or consultant to guide you and your people to get better sales and marketing results.

After all, isn’t your investment in sales, marketing, websites, blogs, social media and more about growing your business and making the world a better place?

Regardless of your goals and motivations for being in business, here are five reasons Google and the other search engines implore you to create useful, educational content marketing that is relevant to the people who seek what you sell.

  1. Content marketing works. Here’s an article from Forbes Magazine addressing the good, bad and ugly about getting content marketing right.
  2. Content marketing is here to stay. The search engines and internet grow stronger as more users adopt it for ecommerce, elearning, networking and entertainment.
  3. Naked blogs are embarrassing. If it’s 2016 and your most recent blog post is 2012, what do think that could be doing to your pipeline, conversions, sales and cash flow?
  4. Long form content marketing is not about your blog. Here’s an article from Kissmetrics that nails the power of long form content marketing. The author cites an example of how their 18,000 word guide did well integrated with a Facebook campaign. It’s not about the blog, only.
  5. Content marketing builds authority and credibility. This article at Small Biz Trends provides useful insight on eight reasons your content marketing can make a significant difference in sales and conversion marketing results.

Why are so many business owners, CEO’s and marketing professionals overwhelmed and frustrated when it comes to creating and distributing integrated, long form content marketing into your overall marketing strategy and campaigns?

It’s hard work! If you don’t love creating content in written or any other form, you won’t do it. Nobody does well what they don’t like to do. Same for you.

Think about the talent, creative power, practice, knowledge, experience and potential power of having the right content marketing experts, copywriters, designers and programmers to integrate long form content marketing.

This level of talent is not to be taken lightly because it’s NOT ENOUGH to hire just any copywriter or marketing expert.

Getting The Payoff

You can’t wing it when it comes to content marketing. The only way your content marketing disciplines and investments will pay off over time is if you have the marketing expertise yourself, or the right marketing expert working with you. You have to plan, invest and build an integrated sales and marketing plan of action so you and your people have the highest probability for success meaning better sales and marketing results you can see.

That’s right. If you’re going to invest in raising the bar on your content marketing, search engine results, traffic and conversions through your website, landing pages or blog, you need to have an integrated plan of action, proper systems and reporting or tracking in place.

In wrapping up this post, let me leave you with a few questions to consider …

  1. How much is it costing you NOT to have the content marketing you need in place for lead generation and business development?
  2. What’s keeping you from making the right investments now that you know the crucial importance of long form content marketing, blogs, websites, and more?
  3. What will it take for you to get off your butt and DO something about learning the fundamental ways to leverage digital and content marketing disciplines so you and your people can enjoy the fruit of your labor and get an ROI?

Here’s the bottom line …

If you want to grow your business in 2016 and beyond, you might want to take your content marketing planning and investments more seriously.

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