Infusionsoft Consultant Offers 3 Tips To Consider Before You Buy Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft Consultant-Thinking of Investing In Infusionsoft?

Here Are Three Tips To Consider Before You Buy Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an amazing, all-in-one software application. It’s not just that my firm has used the system since 2007 with success. It’s clear Infusionsoft is here to stay based on their success selling and implementing the system for thousands of businesses.

Investing in software of any kind requires you do your homework before you buy the software. This means you have to conduct proper due diligence to investigate how your current systems such as Quickbooks, shopping cart and other software applications will integrate with Infusionsoft. It’s also important to have your key team players, marketing manager, content manager, web developer understand the dynamics of the system before you pull the trigger.

As an Infusionsoft Consultant who specializes in business planning, marketing strategy and sales development, my team and I have been working in the trenches with business owners since 2003. Based on our experience over the years, it’s glaringly apparent that business owners need to understand three key points before they invest in Infusionsoft.

1. Be clear on what you need the system to do, relative to your overall business, marketing, and sales action plan. It’s also critical to have clarity as to who on your team, or outsourced consultant, will be most qualified to help you implement the system for maximum ROI potential. Infusionsoft is an investment. Investments need a return. You must be clear on how you’ll implement and execute to get a return on investment.

2. Content is King. Infusionsoft is a powerful system to automate marketing following, customer relationship management, eCommerce and partner program management. However, you will need GREAT content for getting traffic to your Website, conversions through your web forms so your list is growing, and content for email marketing to compel people through the nurture process to take the desire action. If you don’t have a plan for content development, and really qualified people to drive this aspect of your business, hire them. Fast. And before you buy Infusionsoft unless you want to sit there with a killer system while you wonder how to make it work for you.

3. Be committed to the process. It drives me nuts when attention-starved CEOs and business owners make a knee jerk decision to buy Infusionsoft and then tell their team it’s time to get to work. That’s first. Be committed to doing it right. Then you need to be committed to a process for properly planning, implementing and integrating Infusionsoft into your business. Most software implementations fail, especially in the marketing automation realm, because business owners and executives simply fail to understand the time, team and financial commitment it takes to be successful with Infusionsoft or any other software implementation.

If you’re in the market for Infusionsoft, be sure to get clear on your plan, develop a plan for content development, and commit to the process in order to get the maximum ROI on Infusionsoft.

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