Session 4: Vision & Your Digital Marketing Action Plan

Welcome to Session 4 of a free training program created to help you get better sales and digital marketing results. This may be the ultimate sales and digital marketing action plan because it’s so simple to learn.

The real question for you is, “What do you really want for your business now?”

Better conversions of the traffic and prospect flow you have now? Bigger, overall sales numbers? Better margins of profit based on what you sell today?

Whatever your sales, marketing or business goal may be right now, The CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action Plan is how to get it.

We understand the pain and frustration of putting all the sales and digital marketing elements together into a plan of action you and your people feel great about. So over the last decade or so we perfected our action planning system and shared it with a few hundred other small businesses to see how it worked.

What was really important for us to know is if it would work as well for others as it did for us.

In case you missed the prior training videos, here they are …

Session #4: What do you see for your business in 3, 5 or even 10 years?

This is about your Vision.

In earlier DMAP training sessions we reviewed the power of your Purpose. If you have a “major definite purpose” that you are clear about, nothing is likely to stop you from achieving your purpose.

Along your journey you will have many missions and decisions to make. At times action will be required. You, like every other top-performing professional must dedicate time to the other, essential disciplines such as planning, visualization, clear communication, healing, reflection, recovery. All top performers including athletes, musicians and all other performers make time to practice, visualize and heal.

The 4th Law of Conversion Marketing is about carefully defining what your real Vision is and making sure your entire team not only knows that your Vision is, they commit to helping you work the plan of action, your road map (Law #1) to get there each step of the way with as little problem, stress, and time possible.

This is the primary power of sound business planning and communication. When you and your people are clear you are more confident. Confidence breeds success which is always defined by you and your people because we help you define your goals as powerful, clear Intentions; your goals. Naturally, your people follow your plan of action given a sound strategy, and the willingness to do the hard work.

If you struggle with Vision or getting buy in from your people, we’ll help you develop a more clear Vision through one of the many processes we use to discover, analyze and map out our strategy and actions steps with you. This is one of the primary benefits of The CME Sales & Digital Marketing Action Plan or DMAP – it gets you and your people focused fast. It has proven to get measurable, new sales and digital marketing results.

Here’s the next question. How clear are all of your people about your Vision?

If your people “know where you’re going” how committed are they to doing their part, their role or job, in helping you and the others on your team get there?

The answer to this depends on your values and those of the people you hire. This is the 5th Law of Conversion Marketing: State your values as commitments.

The DMAP process is built to keep you and your people focused by leveraging a timeless and proven process; a plan of action driven by your goals, people and strategy.

Given clarity, the next way to know if you’re getting closer to your goals and intentional destination is if you and your people TAKE the ACTION steps and do the hard work. This is why we invest planning and coaching time in the DMAP to help you develop commitment.

What else does it take to get better sales and digital marketing business results besides clarity and a plan of action everyone is willing to commit to following?

How about your brand, the stories you tell, and how you leverage the technologies available to all of us now, more affordably than ever before?

Put the 9 Laws together into a plan of action you and your team will follow and start getting better sales and digital marketing results.

That’s what the next 4 Laws of Conversion Marketing are all about; results you can count on. (Ask us about the performance management program we offer.)


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