SharpSpring Consultant Review: How To Track Your Marketing Campaign ROI

This is how you track your marketing campaign ROI using SharpSpring. We’re a SharpSpring Consultant …

Full disclosure: Conversion Marketing Experts is a SharpSpring consultant, partner and value added re seller.

However, we consult and work with most major sales enablement, CRM, email, content and marketing automation platforms. As trusted marketing experts paid for performance, we will always recommend what we believe to be the most suitable systems for you.

This article is about SharpSpring and it’s ability to track your marketing campaign ROI. I shot a quick video to make it easy to see why I love SharpSpring for tracking marketing campaign ROI.

I share my view as both a SharpSpring partner and customer. I use SharpSpring for my company because it’s the best system on the market for me, my team and some of our clients, not all.

“Where’s the ROI?” is often the battle cry from the person writing the checks for all this crazy sales, marketing and content stuff. But the question really is how do we begin using the appropriate system to manage our marketing planning, sales process and team integration and all the lead gen work you do.

How do you get a better sales result? That’s the better question to ask.

By the way, if you want to make your marketing work without losing your mind? Please don’t count on the software to do it for you!

Planning To Fail?

Instead, let’s take a look at your business, sales and marketing action plan. You must have a written plan, a road map your team will follow.

Let’s talk about your people and what they can do best, or not. Team, your people, are what count more than anything else, including your software. The key is to focus on what it is you want, your “one thing” and what you feel is holding you back. Then, perhaps, we can recommend a way to help you get what you want.

We’re all about helping you keep track of what counts the most … your bottom line. But we focus our creative and technical efforts on top line, mostly.

When we work as a SharpSpring consultant we take you through our 14-step action planning process to help you get the most out of your investment in SharpSpring. If SharpSpring isn’t right for you, we’ll discuss it.

There is no, single system on Earth that will solve all your problems. But we work as a SharpSpring consultant we’re working with you to guide you on how to use the tool to get better sales and marketing results.

It is NOT our goal to show you how “Geeky” we can be with SharpSpring and other marketing automation platforms that enable your sales team to crush it.


We get paid for performance which means we want the same thing you do … SALES results.

Want to know about our pay-for-performance comp plan? Let’s talk about how our contract VP of Marketing, or CMO, or VP of Sales engagements can make a difference for you. We coach, train and directly manage for a fee your marketing campaign ROI.

Heck, who knows what the right coaching, marketing action plan and clear direction would mean for your business, whether you use SharpSpring or not.

Yes, my name is Cliff and I am a SharpSpring consultant. But really, I, and our small, growing team of marketing experts, is really here to help you get better marketing ROI.

Really, we’re here to help you nail your next sales result. (So you and your peeps can sleep well at night.)

Get it touch with a Conversion Marketing Expert today!

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