SharpSpring Partner Shares Tips for Getting Better Email Marketing Results

Want better email marketing results?

Check out my short video about what it takes to make email marketing work better for you.

In case you’re too jammed to watch my video today, here’s the deal with making email marketing, all marketing and sales, work better …

It’s all about the length of time (duration) of your follow up.

Whether it’s email marketing, sales follow up, direct mail or any “touch” serving to follow up with your best prospects works better when you go longer with your duration.

For example, take a close look at the email campaign I created using SharpSpring. The video walks you through my workflow so you can see the number of emails I use to develop interest and prospects. (Just so you know, I am a partner with SharpSpring, as I am with Infusionsoft, and SharpSpring is my #1 sales enablement and marketing automation platform of choice for my company, other business interests and key clients.)

The key is most email marketing results are lame because the email sequence or workflow doesn’t last long enough. The truth is we see these emails get delivered, mostly not opened or clicked and over time, as the email series follows up, people start opening and clicking IF your content is engaging, relevant and sent in the appropriate frequency.

Frequency is how often you send an email to a contact.

Duration is the period of time that a series of emails or SharpSpring workflow follows up or “touches” your list of contacts.

To summarize, one of the best tips I can offer you for getting better mail marketing results, open, click through and conversion to appointment, proposal, win or lose, is to increase your DURATION. Also, you must be sensitive to send your follow up emails marketing in the appropriate FREQUENCY. And make your content marketing really ENGAGING.

This is how you increase your email marketing results and conversion rates?

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Jim Reply

Good Morning Cliff,
Will this new software allow you to send a card ? Can that be integrated?
I loved your statement “we need to be soft selling in a hard world”

    Clifford Jones Reply

    Yes, SharpSpring has robust API capabilities so we can program and integrate many functions such as triggering an action to send a personal note card, etc. Thanks for asking.

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