SharpSpring Review: How To Build Your Persona for Ideal Customers

Got SharpSpring or anything like it working for you as the engine for business? This SharpSpring review walks you through the powerful process to build your persona, a detailed description and vision, of your ideal customer.

Begin your sales and marketing plan of action, your go-to-market strategy, with the end in mind. For example, who is your ideal customer and what will you do to attract, engage and convert more of them? If you don’t know in detail who this person is, your sales and marketing focus may result in poor conversion marketing results.

When you learn how to build your persona for ideal customers using SharpSpring or any other marketing automation solution it’s essential to break down your target market in a number of ways as I explain in this SharpSpring review video.

Let’s walk through the elements for building a solid, concise persona in list form for readers who won’t watch the video. This is the breakdown for building a persona in SharpSpring. You can easily update and edit this persona and the values associated with it in the Persona settings you see.

Meet Christina Jones.

What does Christina want?

I want to live, work and retire on purpose by building my network, knowledge and confidence in the areas that affect a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

I live, work & retire on purpose.

I am a company executive who wants more out of life. I seek to be happier, healthier and wealthier. I need to learn more about retirement planning, saving, investing and all the other things that will affect my health and wealth for the rest of my life.

I fear dying lonely and unhappy; unfulfilled because I could never figure out my true purpose for being here. Why am I working in this career or business? What happened to my America dream, family, and health? I want to learn how to live on purpose now!

50+, motivated to find more in life, not happy in current job or career, seeks new relationships, education, networking opportunities because they are not happy making what they make, doing what they do, living where they live, living with whom they live.

I want a plan that helps me feel like I’m living, working and retiring on purpose. I need someone to guide me, new friends, education, a whole new mindset and way of approaching my life when I wake up every day.

The best way to build out your persona is to think about your best customers now. Once you do this and build out a more detailed description, even a picture, of your ideal customer, you then can tailor your social media, blog, website, landing pages and other marketing assets more precisely.

The benefit to you is you, your sales and marketing team get focused on exactly who it is you seek to get as new customers. This intention must be clear so that you consistently create and distribute engaging content that will give your Christina Jones what she wants.

Sell People What They Want

How do you know what they want? Build a detailed persona by studying who  it is now that works best as your customer. Think about value proposition, perceived versus stated values in your messaging, talk to people who currently do business with and ask them intelligent questions about why they do business with you instead of your competition. If you really want to know what your ideal customers think about you, pick up the phone and call them or take them out for a cup of coffee. Ask, listen, learn and adapt your sales and marketing plan directly at the persona of your ideal customer.

When it comes to my SharpSpring review and what is best for you, there are many ways to build a persona for your ideal customer. You don’t need super-duper marketing automation software as the engine of your business to get more clear on who your ideal customer is and how to get more of them with less time, money and stress. We use SharpSpring instead of Hubspot, Dundersoft, Act On or any of the other marketing automation solutions because we believe SharpSpring people make one of the best products on the market. And most importantly, SharpSpring is suitable for what we need it to do.

Choose your marketing automation software wisely, make sure it fits your needs, and you include the people in your organization who will use it every day before you make a decision or commitment.

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