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Conversion Marketing Founder Reveals Story About Bouncing Back

ROI of Life

A portion of this article was originally posted in The Business Journals under the title How To Bounce Back From Anything. I wrote both the original and the updated piece you see here. Are you working really hard to build the small business and life of your dreams? If so, maybe you’ve fallen down, failed […]

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How Much Could A Digital Marketing Audit Save You?

Could a Digital Marketing Audit reveal some costly surprises for you and your small business? What exactly is a digital marketing audit and what could you learn from it? Is it possible you’re blowing on sales, marketing and tech that doesn’t get an ROI? When I first met this particular CEO, let’s call him Frank, he […]

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Infusionsoft Consultant – Closing the Gap On Strategy and Tactics

Infusionsoft Consultant Shares Insight To Close the Gap On Strategy and Tactics As an Infusionsoft Consultant working in the trenches with small business owners since 2008, what has become crystal clear to me is that the single biggest point of frustration for business owners is the gap between strategy and tactics. Strategy is the big […]

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