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This Marketing Manager’s Boss Really Asked Him, “What if you just cut out all the marketing expenses?”

Shocked Marketing Manager

I was having coffee with a couple of weeks ago with a high level marketing manager. He works for a major corporation based here in the Phoenix area. We occasionally talk meet to catch up and invariably, we trade marketing stories. Let’s call him Steve. Shortly after we settle in Steve says, “You’re never going […]

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How To Build And Promote Your Personal Brand (Without Losing Your Mind)

personal brand and story

If you hate the concept of selling, marketing or promoting yourself, this post is for you! If you have a career and you want to promote yourself – your “thought leadership” – you can take the same approach as if you owned or ran a business.At lunch today, a very successful friend¬†asked me, “How do […]

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Session 4: Vision & Your Digital Marketing Action Plan

Welcome to Session 4 of a free training program created to help you get better sales and digital marketing results. This may be the ultimate sales and digital marketing action plan because it’s so simple to learn. The real question for you is, “What do you really want for your business now?” Better conversions of […]

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SharpSpring Consultant Review: How To Track Your Marketing Campaign ROI

This is how you track your marketing campaign ROI using SharpSpring. We’re a SharpSpring Consultant … Full disclosure: Conversion Marketing Experts is a SharpSpring consultant, partner and value added re seller. However, we consult and work with most major sales enablement, CRM, email, content and marketing automation platforms. As trusted marketing experts paid for performance, […]

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How To Save 80% for Professional Digital Marketing Management & Performance

What does it take to get great digital marketing results? Great digital marketing management is what it takes. And an aligned focus on your goals. Your marketing success or failure all begins with whomever is “driving your digital marketing bus.” Do you have the right person driving your digital marketing bus? If not, how much […]

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We’ve Moved! New Office Space in Scottsdale, AZ

Hey everyone. The Conversion Marketing Experts team is moving up in more ways than one. First, last Thursday at 7am, just before Memorial Day weekend launched, I and the other tenants at 8300 North Hayden Road were given notice to vacate the premises by the NEXT DAY! Here’s our new address and phone number … […]

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