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Who Is Your Most-Trusted Marketing Adviser?

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Invest in sales and marketing? Who is your most-trusted marketing adviser, just like when it comes to tax, legal and other investment things you don’t know?

If you own a business it’s probably your best investment. But too often we meet CEO’s and business owners who have nobody working for them as their trusted marketing adviser.

You’re winging it.

Here’s why. Somehow you came to believe it is cheaper or better to do be your own marketing adviser; to do it yourself. Or, you gave up after failing miserably to hire and retain a productive marketing adviser, expert, manager or manager.

This is because most of the time you’re hiring practices are abysmal, at best. (You want honest in an adviser, don’t you?)

Bad hiring and compensation practices can be fixed. But you must STOP believing you can’t afford to hire someone. You can’t afford NOT to hire the best and most-trusted marketing adviser or talent your money can buy.

If you needed brain surgery, would you take the knife to yourself? Extreme, I know. But look, get real. Being a marketing leader today means you have to have a complete command of sales process and disciplines and all the digital technology and creative content that is required to succeed in marketing today.

Also, you don’t factor for “Opportunity Cost.” It’s one of the only useful things I learned in college as an Econ major. It’s a deadly, hidden cost that most of us will never recognize until we’re applying  for a day job and what the hell went wrong. What went wrong is you must KNOW what you get for your marketing investment; ROI and a dashboard that reports the numbers that count the most!

Here’s the deal … if your business is your best investment and you blow a bunch of money on marketing “experts” and schemes that don’t work, why?

You chose to drive your own marketing bus.

Who’s driving your marketing bus?

If it’s you, is it any wonder it’s stuck in the mud?

If you make paperclips really well, what makes you think you can be your own marketing director and trusted adviser?

You don’t do EVERYTHING yourself in your business for a reason. You can’t go very far alone. None of us can. Every time I see a business owner playing digital marketing director and/or sales manager, they are suffering miserably.

This can be fixed by getting out of your own way.

Try this …

Go to the mirror now. Look at yourself and say, “It’s time to get out of my own way and hire the best marketing leadership my money can buy. I vow to be clear in my vision, purpose and goal; one goal at a time. I will hire with discipline and care the right marketing adviser for me. I will provide the, with the resources they tell me they need. I will gladly get the hell out of my trusted adviser’s way so I can get a better sales and marketing result. I will give them the keys to my marketing bus.”

This is called surrender. You give up. You now know the errors in your thinking. It’s not costing you LESS to be your own marketing director It’s costing you more. How much more?

We can find out quickly. Let us help you for free with a conversation over the phone or virtual meeting. It won’t take long and it will not be painful if you are honest with yourself. No hard sell. This is about you getting real and being held accountable going forward to someone you can trust.

How much longer are you willing to go like this? Maybe it’s time to find, hire and happily pay a trusted marketing adviser who can drive your marketing bus better than you. If so, what will the sales and business result look like a year or two from now and how will you feel then?

The Bottom Line

We don’t know what we don’t know. If you don’t know digital marketing and sales, what’s it going to take for you to realize that we all need coaching, guidance and trusted advisers in our life.

Whether it’s investment, tax, legal, health or any other kind of goal you set, the best way to get there is to work with someone who has been where you want to go. Make a roadmap together and follow the leader. Work as a team. Watch each other’s backs.

This is the way to better sales, marketing and business results.

Want some help hacking through any sales or marketing challenge you’re having right now?

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